27 December, 2019

Stomvi Ximo Vicedo and Stéphane Loyer trombones by Innovatrombone.

Innovatrombone presents an article about two very special Stomvi trombones.


In innovatrombone we have been lucky to know recently two very special trombone models; we are talking about the Stomvi tenor and bass trombones used by Ximo Vicedo principal trombone and Stéphane Loyersolo bass trombone, both in the Spanish Radio Television Orchestra.

As we all know Stomvi currently has several models for trombone that go from the Elite, jazz, to the professional Titan models in their alto, tenor and bass versions. The brand Stomvi not only offers us a wide variety of trombone models, but also has available an arsenal of accessories, such as resonators, valve covers with different weights and mouthpieces adapted to the taste of any trombonist.

We hope soon in Innovatrombone to test the Titan versions and make an article about them as we already did with the Elite models (Article clicking here), (Artícle clicking here), but this time we are going to tell you everything about the trombone models used by our collaborators.

Before we start we’ll bring you closer to our guests, you can visit their profile as trombonist at Innovatrombone by clicking on the following links: Ximo Vicedo – Stéphane Loyer

Here we go!…

Innovatrombone: Hi Ximo and Stéphane, it’s a pleasure to be with you again, this time to tell us about the Stomvi brand trombones you currently use.

But first of all, how are you?

Ximo Vicedo: A pleasure to greet you, everything is very good and we are preparing new projects.

Stéphane Loyer: Very well, thank you.

Innovatrombone: To tell us about your trombones, we’re going to go in parts. Which model of Stomvi trombone do you use?

Ximo Vicedo: I use different models depending on what I am going to play, actually I use the Titan and Elite model on the tenor trombone, when I use the alto trombone I use the Titan with valve.

Stéphane Loyer: The Titan bass trombone. 

Innovatrombone: Let’s talk now about the slide of each trombone, do you use a standard one or is it a special model made for you?

Ximo Vicedo: I have two slides, one for the Titan model and one for the Elite, both slides are standard, I don’t have any special one for me.  The instrument in general is always in evolution, in research and development, if we make something new we first try it out and then, if it works, it has benefits, etc, then, this becomes standard for new trombones, we are in constant evolution.

My Stomvi Elite slide is light, it is the standard one, any trombonist can acquire it. I use this slide in the Elite so that it is compensated with the bell of this instrument, under my criteria it is the option that gives me more freedom and I feel more comfortable in this model, because I look for a different bell or color than the Titan.

The slide of my Stomvi Titan is normal silver plated, as well as the one of the alto trombone, as I mentioned before, I think it is the combination that gives me what I am looking for and want in this instrument.

As I told you before, my slides are like any other trombonist playing with Stomvi, there is no difference.

Stéphane Loyer: It’s a standard slide, silver plated.

Innovatrombone: What models of mouthpieces do you use?

Ximo Vicedo: Among the mouthpieces I use, there is a series of Stomvi that has my name, specifically two models: Stomvi Ximo Vicedo 5G and 5GS. The difference between them is that one has a deeper cup than the other one and the granite is a little bit bigger in one of them, it’s easy to differentiate.  For the alto trombone there is also a model Stomvi Ximo Vicedo. The mouthpieces of my series are gold plated.

Stéphane Loyer: A “signature” model that we made in Stomvi that uses my name because it’s a model I made, just as there is a model by Miguel José Martínez “Viriato” and Francisco Guillén.

Innovatrombone: One of the most special parts we can say is the trombone bells. What kind of bells do you use and why?

Ximo Vicedo: For the Stomvi Elite trombone I use the copper-lacquered bell, this model is not a removable bell. I use the copper-lacquered one because I love the bell for what I am looking for, for my taste the yellow bell sounds too much and it doesn’t give me so much dynamic range.

From the Stomvi Titan I have two different bodies, one with the standard Stomvi screw system and another one that is made for me with the bell cut.

The single screw Stomvi Titan has a silver plated copper bell and a matt lacquer body, silver plated tunning slides. I have this combination because it is the one that gives me the most advantages, I have a very wide dynamic range, I can play very piano and very loud with the same sound quality, the sound has body, it has projection and, besides, I can change the color of my sound more easily, it is the one I feel more comfortable with and with more freedom.

The other body of Stomvi Titan with cut bell if it is made specially for me and they built it for the premiere of “A Moorish Dream” by Christian Lindberg ( double concerto for trumpet, trombone and orchestra ). This Titan body is with glossy lacquer, brass tunning slides, lacquered copper bell and the end of the bell in silver-plated copper.

Photo: Ximo Vicedo, Pacho Flores during the performance of “Un sueño Morisco”, directed by its composer Christian Lindberg together with the ORTVE.

The particularity is that we were looking for two instruments, trumpet and trombone, to be brothers, so we got to work, well Vicente Honorato was the creator of these two wonders. It changes with respect to the other model that the bell as a whole has a little less weight and the difference in materials and finishes. With this instrument is the one I feel better with, Vicente Honorato has built it for me and thinking about me, and this is something incredible. Besides, when travelling by plane and other transports it is much more comfortable, since the case is much more compact.

Stéphane Loyer:I use two silver copper bells, one nine and a half inch and one ten inch with a detachable bell.

Innovatrombone: As for tuning slides, valves, sound enhancers etc, what can you tell us…

Ximo Vicedo: As I told you in the previous question in the Stomvi Titan I have, each one has the tunning slides in a different finish, some silver plated and the others not. To be honest I don’t notice a big difference between one and the other, I would say that minimum or none, under my criterion. In the end for me it is something more aesthetic than at the level of change of sonority, where it is really noticed is in the bell, finished of the body of the instrument, in wearing Clappers or not…

When using the Stomvi Titan valve I always get the same sound, there is no difference in sound when using the valve or not, it has this quality because of its manufacture, it is exclusive to the brand. When I use the Stomvi Elite, which has the normal valve, for me the sound is not of the same quality when I use it or when I don’t.

As you have seen in my videos and photos on my trombones I always use the Clappers (resonators), for me, it is an essential part of my instrument. Playing with or without them is noticeable, the notes are placed in different places, having them placed my sound is more malleable, I have more space in each note and the instrument vibrates much more. It’s like a connection between the body and the instrument because the resonators we have in our body we also have to activate them. These Clappers are some capsules that have a bell tuned in the 6th of the fundamental, in the tenor trombone I carry two Maxiclappers (G and D) and the valve cover also carries a Clapper, that is, in total I carry 3.

For the Alto trombone I usually take one Maxiclapper (C), other times I use two, the ones in (C and G).

In Stomvi you can also change the cover of the valve, there are different models: Dynamic (Aluminium and normal), Dynamic heavy, Harmonic and Clapper (Aluminium and normal). There are differences in the sound in each of them, the best thing is to try, listen to the differences and keep the one that suits you best.

Stéphane Loyer: I use a normal cover on the Gb valve and an aluminium clapper cover on the F valve. I am also wearing two maxi clappers.

As for the tunning slides, I normally use the tunning slides for F and G b, but I also use an additional tunning slide to change the pitch of G b in D. This tunning slide allows the notes that are usually played with two valves to be played with only one, so the ease of emission is greater and certain technical passages are more comfortable.

Innovatrombone: Do you use the same trombones for the orchestra and for playing in other activities?

Ximo Vicedo: As I told you before, I decide which instrument or combination I want to play depending on how I want it to sound, which timbre or colour I am looking for in the piece I am going to play, many times just changing the mouthpiece I get what I want. Sometimes it coincides that I use the same instrument when I play in the orchestra as when I play a soloist concert. I don’t have an instrument for every specific activity.

Stéphane Loyer: In general I do, although I also sometimes use a single valve bass trombone for orchestral pieces like Haydn or Mozart. It is a lighter trombone with a sound and definition more adapted to this type of music, especially when the first trombone plays the alto.

Single valve bass trombone

Innovatrombone: Ximo and Stéphane, it has been a pleasure to chat with you and get to know first-hand the models you are currently using.

Ximo Vicedo: The pleasure has been ours. Thank you for providing us with a space to show our Stomvi instruments.

Stéphane Loyer: The pleasure is mine.

Innovatrombone: Anything else you want to bring to this talk about your trombones, brand or agenda?

Ximo Vicedo: For me the best thing is to try the instruments, well tested, and draw each one its own conclusions. You have to play with an instrument that you like, that you feel comfortable with, etc. All the instruments and brands have good and bad things, their pros and cons, you have to value them and choose the one that helps you the most to what you want. But the most important thing is to have our own criteria of what we are looking for and what we want. Stomvi trombones provide me with everything I want, what I need, they respond to my tastes and I feel very comfortable with them.

I would like to tell you that on May 7th 2020 I will perform A MORISCAN DREAM by Christian Lindberg with the ADDA SIMFÒNICA Orchestra in Alicante (ADDA Auditorium) together with the trumpeter Pacho Flores and under the direction of Jurgen Hempel. Also with the Málaga Philharmonic Orchestra I will perform the CONCERT PER A TROMBÓ I ORQUESTRA Op.70 by Salvador Brotons on June 11th and 12th 2020 under the direction of Pablo González at the Teatro Cervantes in Málaga.

Stéphane Loyer: Just to say that I am very happy with the Stomvi trombone, as it is an instrument that allows me to get the bass trombone sound I like. That is why I want to thank Vicente and Sento Honorato and all the people who work in the house Stomvi for their good work and their constant concern in improving and innovating. In my agenda, I would like to highlight the Pasto Festival in Colombia in June, which I participate every year since its creation. For its sixth edition, we are organizing the second competition of tenor trombone and bass trombone. Then thank you Marcos, for thinking of something so interesting for all of us who play the trombone as it is innovatrombone.

Innovatrombone: Thank you very much for your contribution and collaboration for the whole Innovatrombone community, a hug and see you soon!

Ximo Vicedo: Congratulations to all the Innovatrombone team and a greeting to all their fans.

Stéphane Loyer: Congratulations to your team and greetings to all Innovatrombone fans.

Innovatrombone: To say goodbye, we leave you with several fragments played by Ximo Vicedo and Stéphane Loyer, individually and as a duo, dedicated to all the users and trombonists of Innovatrombone.

Fragment of the Concert for trombone under solo “Monologue” by Jerôme Naulais.

Fragment “Més enllà de l´horitzó”

Photo: recording duo Ximo and Stéphane for Innovatrombone.

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