11 April, 2021

Innovatrombone interviews Thomas Bousquie, winner of modality 4A.


From Innovatrombone we are delighted to share with all of you the interview we have conducted with the winner of our first online interpretation contest in mode 4A (for bass trombonists from 25 to 32 years old).

Thomas Bousquie

Innovatrombone: Hi Thomas, first of all congratulations on your first prize in the contest. We are delighted to be able to conduct this interview with you.

Thomas Bousquie: Thanks, it was a pleasure to take part to this contest.

Innovatrombone: Tell us, where are you from?

Thomas Bousquie: I come from Angers in the west of France.

Innovatrombone: How did you start playing the trombone?

Thomas Bousquie: When I was Young, I was in a choir and some musicians accompanied us. After that, I wanted to start an instrument. I was to the conservatory to try some instruments like saxophone, percussions and the trombone for sure. I felt in love with the trombone.

Innovatrombone: Who have been your teachers?

Thomas Bousquie: I started with Philippe Girault in the Conservatoire of Angers. After I studied with Michel Becquet and Alain Manfrin in the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon.

Innovatrombone : Do you have a favorite trombonist?

Thomas Bousquie : I have two favorite bass trombonists : James Markey and Matyas Veer. And Joseph Alessi and Jorgen Van Rijen in tenor trombone.

Innovatrombone: Tell us about the trombone and the mouthpiece you use?

Thomas Bousquie: I use a Josef Klier 2 A mouthpiece. I play an Edwards bass trombone.

Innovatrombone: In the future, where would you like to study and with whom?

Thomas Bousquie: I want to work with Joseph Alessi in Juilliard School but I am too old now.

Innovatrombone: Tell us about your experience in the contest?

Thomas Bousquie: It s not easy to do a good recording. I prefer live competition. I played a lot New Orleans during my studies, in competition and audition. But the second round was a discover for me. It s difficult to record without accompaniement. I listened the piece on Youtube to know the music and the atmosphere of the piece. After this work I did few recordings. I progress a lot with recordings.

Innovatrombone: Would you recommend the contest to other trombonists?

Thomas Bousquie: I recommend this contest for all trombonists. It is important to take part to international competition to progress and to be judged by trombonists of all the world.

Innovatrombone: Thank you very much for everything Thomas, we wish you the best in life and many successes!

Thomas Bousquie: Thanks for all. See you son I hope. Take care.

Innovatrombone: And so far the interview with the winner of the first Innovatrombone online interpretation contest.

Video first phase of the contest:

Video second phase of the contest:

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