29 April, 2020

Trombone initiation by Innovatrombone.

We continue to face the Covid19 from home.


Dear friends and trombonists of Innovatrombone, just a few weeks ago we presented you with a first delivery of routines with material for students of elementary and intermediate levels to work from home. This time we are going to focus on students who have just started in the wonderful world of trombone.

We present now a series of basic routines to start the study, focused on students over 8 years old, but that any trombonist of the first courses can practice, since they work on basic but very important aspects of the teaching of the trombone.

Initiation to the trombone.

First exercise: Breathing.

We have to take into account that we play an instrument of the brass family, therefore our main source of energy is the air and we must work on it.

We begin with a brief breathing exercise, which consists of “taking” air in the last beat of a 4/4 measure and “throwing” it during 4 beats, always copying the example performed by the trombonist.

Before starting the following exercises, we remind you that both the body and the instrument have to be in a good position.

Stand up:


Second exercise: Mouthpiece – trombone.

Next we will “sound” the mouthpiece first. For the mouthpiece to sound we have to vibrate the lips, concentrating the vibration in the center while “throwing” the air. Don’t forget to breathe!

Then we will repeat the exercise, but already with the trombone.

We have to “take” the air in the last beat of the 4/4 measure and “sound” the mouthpiece with the note F during 4 beats, copying the exercise performed by the trombonist.

Now we will repeat the previous exercise, but with the trombone.

We return to the mouthpiece and repeat the previous exercise, with the note Bb.

And now with the trombone.

As you can see, these are very easy exercises to start studying, which you can do from home by following a few simple steps!

We hope that the second installment of exercises has been to your liking! a greeting and see you soon!

Here you have the link to Study Routines for trombone elementary-intermediate levels.

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