19 May, 2019

Passages and trombone solos in the Spanish band repertoire.

Passages and trombone solos in the Spanish band repertoire is presented as the first work edited on this subject.


From Innovatrombone we are pleased to present the latest work of trombonist Javier Escribano, professor of trombone at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música “Amaniel” in Madrid.

Passages and trombone solos in the Spanish band repertoire is presented as the first work published on this subject, in which its title defines transparently the valuable material that awaits us inside.

The project that Javier Escribano Redondo and Brotons & Mercadal Edicions Musicals have produced brings together more than 100 works by some 50 authors, from which more than 240 passages are extracted. Among them we find material for tenor trombone and bass trombone, as well as an important number of pieces for section work, as already happens in the materials known as orchestral Probespiel and that we now have collected here in its bandistic format.

Passages and trombone solos has an approximate length of 80 pages, on quality paper and with an attractive, well-taken care of cover. The work opens with an alphabetical index of the works, a small list of other relevant works that have not been included for one reason or another, notes by the author and a commentary and analysis of some of the most relevant passages.

The focus of this work is multidisciplinary, and its objectives are ambitious. On the one hand, it aims to fill a gap in instrumental pedagogy, which currently focuses on the study of orchestral materials and leaves aside the broad band repertoire, and the work in this field of Spanish composers. On the other hand, this work aims to serve as basic working material for the professional and amateur trombonist, either for the expansion of repertoire, for the preparation of tests and oppositions to professional music bands, or simply as knowledge of the repertoire itself.

In the work we can find representative fragments of the literature for band of the XX and XXI century of Spanish composers. The historical repertoire inherited mainly from zarzuela, which was transcribed for band in the middle of the 20th century, has not been left aside. In this, the trombone was given a very remarkable role with important solos in works such as La Dolorosa and El Huésped del Sevillano among others, included in the work and which have undoubtedly made the current repertoire what it is today.

As for the original repertoire, there are compiled works such as La Balada de la Tríada, Miraculum, A Pedra da Serpe, Epopeyas Valencianas or Polifemo and Galatea, with impressive solos that Javier Escribano shows us transcribed literally and with some correction contrasted with the composers with respect to the original materials.

The project, which saw the light in the spring of 2018 and had the support of the SGAE Foundation, being included in its call for grants for the publication of albums and books 2017, was initially presented in the multitudinous X Encuentro de la ATE held in October 2018.

We believe that this important work has been necessary for a long time, and opens a path that surely more authors will continue creating materials with bandistic repertoire of other instruments. Pasajes y solos de trombón puts in value the culture of the band of music, so rooted in our country, promoting the creation of new repertoire, and considering the band itself as an independent musical entity capable of translating any inspiration of the composers, as the French director, composer and trumpet player Gabriel Parès already pointed out in his treatise of instrumentation of 1898.


The book is available in stores or on the publisher’s website: Brotons & Mercadal Edicions Musicals

Example of material contained in Pdf:  Passages and trombone solos in the Spanish band repertoire

Example of material contained in Video: Polifemo and Galatea (A. Valero)

Mov. II The Song of Polyphemus.

Crevillent Musical Union Society. Director: Manuel Mondejar. Trombone: Juan González Moreno.

Trombone solo from 13:20.


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