19 May, 2019

Job vacancies for reinforcement trombone in the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra OBC.

The Barcelona Symphony Orchestra (OBC) announces auditions for reinforcement trombone.


The Barcelona Symphony Orchestra OBC announces auditions for reinforced trombone. To do so, a selection process is initiated to form a job bank of Superior Music Professors (tutti) of the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and the National Orchestra of Catalonia (OBC), in which trombonists will be eligible for the positions of tenor trombone and bass trombone.

Barcelona Symphony Orchestra (OBC).


The audition will be held at the Auditori de Barcelona on 11 June 2019. If the date of the audition is modified, it will be communicated on the L’Auditori website at www.muvac.com and to the admitted candidates by e-mail.

Applicants will play with the instrument they would use if they joined the orchestra. The tuning of the orchestra is 442.

A single test will be performed behind a curtain to guarantee anonymity, the concert and the orchestral fragments stipulated in Annex 2 of this call, chosen on the same day of the test.

The Selection Committee will secretly evaluate each of the candidates and will cast a numeric vote from 1 to 10. The resulting arithmetic mean will be the candidate’s grade. This last score will be the definitive one and will determine the result of the selective process, in case a second round does not take place.

The Selection Committee may decide to carry out a second round without curtain and with the same repertoire as the first round, for those candidates who have obtained a minimum arithmetic average of 5 points.

At the end of the last round, the Selection Committee will secretly evaluate each of the candidates and will cast a numeric vote from 1 to 10. Only those candidates who have obtained the minimum required qualification (5 points) will become part of the OBC job bank upon passing the selection process in order of score.


1st PHASE: concert and orchestral fragments (with curtain)

First movement of the next concert:

FERDINAND, DAVID: Concertino Op. 4

Orchestral fragments:

MOZART: Requiem Tuba mirum


ROSSINI: William Tell (Overture )

2nd PHASE: orchestral fragments (without curtain)

Trombone II

BARTOK: The Miraculous Mandarin

MAHLER: Symphony No. 5

RIMSKI-KORSAKOV: Russian Easter Festival

ROSSINI: La gazza ladra Overture

STRAUSS: Thus Spoke Zarathustra

STRAUSS: Alpine Symphony

STRAUSS: Till eulenspiegel

STRAUSS: Ein Heldenleben

WAGNER: Ride of the Valkyries

Barcelona Symphony Orchestra (OBC).

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