16 February, 2019

Find your Bach trombone at the best price.



The Sanganxa musical instruments shop offers you the opportunity to find the Bach
trombone that best suits you.

From the 4th to the 9th of February there will be an exhibition of Bach trombones in the
Sanganxa (Xativa) facilities where you will have the opportunity to try the different and
current trombone models of the prestigious brand.

Sanganxa Xativa.

Bach Trombones

With almost 90 years of history, Bach trombones remain one of the preferred options for
professionals around the world. To the popular Stradivarius Series, Bach has added the
Artisan customizable series, handcrafted instruments that allow you to configure your
trombone with different options.

The Stradivarius series

 Bach Trombone 42 A Hagmann

Although today the Conn-Selmer group sells student models under the Bach brand (TB502
or TB503) we are going to focus on professional trombones with valve, the popular
Stradivarius series. So we find the 36 (intermediate pipe) and 42 (wide pipe) models,
instruments that are still in fashion today because of the quality and tone that only Bach
can offer.

These models have one-piece bells in yellow brass, hammered by hand. The lacquered
finish, with a light and thin layer, makes the sound of these instruments unmistakable,
even talking about a "Bach sound".


There are different valve options, either with the traditional system with or without open
wrap or the evolved rotor models that incorporate the 42 series, the Hagmann Free Flow
and the Axial Flow (evolution of the Thayer but with improved materials that avoid friction

Stradivarius Artisan

The Stradivarius Artisan A47 series of trombones appeared on the market about 4 years
ago, following its success in trumpets. One more step in the search for the perfect sound.
Bach bets on these models capable of satisfying the needs of today's musician, however demanding he may be, with two fully modular versions but with common manufacturing characteristics always seeking the highest quality both in the materials used and in the manufacturing processes, in the hands of Bach´s most specialised artisans.

 BAch Trombone Artisan A47 MLR La Rosa
bach infinity
Valve model Infinity

These instruments have been developed in collaboration with trombonists Massimo La
Rosa, we can find them with two different types of transposer: Infinity (an improved version of the Thayer system that avoids metal-to-metal friction and therefore ensures a long life for the transpositor with the use of new materials) and MLR (a new transpositor designed together with La Rosa that offers just the right resistance, with great projection and fast, smooth action).

bach modelo la rosaValve MLR La Rosa


The A47 Artisan models are fully modular instruments so that the musician can make the
necessary changes in slide and bell to achieve the perfect combination.
Different finishes
The Bach trombones allow a great variety of combinations, either in materials where we
find bells in goldbrass, yellow brass or sterling (silver) as in different types of transposers
that we have already mentioned before.
We can also opt for standard weight slides or LT slides, which are lighter. A common
element is the lacquer that covers the instrument, very fine to allow the timbre is as natural
as possible with that touch necessary to get that sound so characteristic that makes the
American brand one of the preferred by professional musicians.

Check here the characteristics of the bach models: Trombones bach

For thousands of trombonists from all over the world, Bach remains the referent.
If this is your case, take the opportunity to get your Bach at the best price. From 4 to 9
February in Sanganxa Xàtiva.


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