15 February, 2018

Tour Spain 2018 Jacques Mauger.


Tour Spain 2018 Jacques Mauger.

We follow the master Jacques Mauger, collaborator of innovatrombone, in his tour across Spain in 2018. During this trip, the great trombonist offered a series of concerts and master classes in different Spanish cities.

The tour began in Seville, where he performed the concert for trombone of the composer Ferran Ferrer “Tbon and Jacques”, accompanied by the municipal band of Seville. Later, different master classes were held at the Superior Conservatories of Seville, Malaga, the Katarina Gurska Higher Center in Madrid and the Higher Conservatory of Music in Zaragoza. The tour came to end with several concerts offered in Zaragoza, where the master played again the trombone concert “Tbon and Jacques”, accompanied this time by the band of the Conservatory of Music of Zaragoza and directed by the same composer of the concert, Ferrer Ferran.


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