8 October, 2018

Adrián Nájera Coto collaborator of Innovatrombone presents us: Adrián Nájera´s Warm Up 1


From Innovatrombone we are pleased to present a new project by our collaborator Adrián Nájera Coto. Here we attach the video with his invitation:

Adrián Nájera’s Warm Up

August 2018, for Innovatrombone

The following exercises are intended to help in the establishment of

solid performance basics from the beginning of our daily journey, which may include individual practice, rehearsals, classes and/or concerts.

It is extremely important to clarify that these exercises are only the starting point of a much deeper and more extensive daily routine, which for reasons of work and professional commitments, I must distribute and balance throughout the day and even the week.

Like any other aspect related to the execution of our instrument, our warm-up must be in constant renewal. We must remain receptive to trying and adding new exercises, while maintaining a series of exercises that will give us consistency and physical and mental security.

We must make sure, first of all, that our warm-up makes us play and feel good. At the end of it, no matter what the initial sensations are, especially in our lips. If our mouth feels excellent from the first note of warm-up, it is recommended that we still warm up correctly. This will give us a lot of consistency and confidence while helping us prevent injuries.

Before each exercise you will find a small legend that includes important information of each exercise, which serves as a reference but also to have a clear idea of what is sought to develop through each exercise.

Prior to these exercises, I daily perform a series of very basic but effective breathing exercises that I hope to share in a future publication.

Finally I would like to add that no warm-up should or can be definitive or equally applicable to all. As we move forward and improve in the execution of our instrument we must also learn to discern which exercises and study routines work best for us and which ones really help us to keep growing.

I hope you find it useful and enjoy it,


Click here to download the file.

Adrián Nájera’s profile in Innovatrombone here.

If you are a trombonist join the trombone community at: Innovatrombone




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