7 March, 2021

Innovatrombone interviews Víctor Decamp, winner of modality 3


From Innovatrombone we are delighted to share with all of you the interview we have conducted with the winner of our first online interpretation contest in modality 3 (for trombonists from 19 to 24 years old).

Víctor Decamp

Innovatrombone: Hi Víctor, first of all congratulations on your first prize in the contest. We are delighted to be able to conduct this interview with you.

Víctor Decamp: Thank you very much !

Innovatrombone: Tell us, where are you from?

Víctor Decamp: I was born in Chamonix, in France.

Innovatrombone: How did you start playing the trombone?

Víctor Decamp: I wanted to play guitar but they were already too much students, so I chose the trombone because I liked how the slide moves (I was six years old).

Innovatrombone: Who have been your teachers?

Víctor Decamp: My first teacher was Julie Fontaine, then I moved with her teacher, Jean-
Michel Frecaut in Annecy. I’m now studying in the HEMU Vaud-Valais-Fribourg (Switzerland)
with Jacques Mauger.

Innovatrombone: Do you have a favorite trombonist?

Víctor Decamp: I cannot say so because I like a lot of trombone players. In soloist music I really like Jorgen Van Rijen, Michel Becquet, Christian Lindberg, Jacques Mauger and Vincent Lepape, they all have very different styles but it’s great to hear how much the same concerto can sound so differently !

Innovatrombone: Tell us about the trombone and the mouthpiece you use?

Victor Decamp: I play on a Bach stradivarius 42 with the Thayer System, and a mouthpiece Ian Bousflied 5o. I’m very happy with the mouthpiece because I can change the color of my sound quiet easily, I think it fits me well. I was young when I chose my trombone, maybe it’s a little big too big for me.

Innovatrombone: In the future, where would you like to study and with whom?

Víctor Decamp: I would like to continue my studies here in Switzerland, to do a pedagogy
master and to dive more into jazz music and improvisation because I really like it. I took
lessons with Nils Wogram for several months, I really enjoyed studying with him. I would liketo study with Rene Mosele (jazz trombone teacher in Lausanne) because I really like his
approach to music.

Innovatrombone: Tell us about your experience in the contest?

Víctor Decamp: My teacher told me about this contest. It feels great to record because they are so many things that are not so difficult to change to make it sound better. I would have preferred to play with the piano for the contest, because that’s when music happens. Maybe next time it could be nice to chose some solo pieces for trombone, then we can play it « for real ».

Innovatrombone: Would you recommend the contest to other trombonists?

Víctor Decamp: Definitely !

Innovatrombone: Thank you very much for everything Victor, we wish you the best in life and many successes!

Víctor Decamp: Thank you very much for your support !

Innovatrombone: And so far the interview with the winner of the first Innovatrombone online interpretation contest in the modality 3.

We say goodbye with the videos of the first phase of the contest and the final recorded by our guest:

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