24 July, 2018

This was the IV course of trombone of Cartagena with teachers Victor Belmonte and Bart Claessens.


Last week the IV Course of trombone of Cartagena was held, again given by Víctor Belmonte, trombone of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Dutch Radio.

This year with the novelty of including a master class by Bart Claessens, trombone soloist of the prestigious Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam and professor at the Maastricht Conservatory.


The event attracted not only the trombonists of several municipalities of the Region of Murcia, but also the trombonists of Albacete, Alicante and Valencia who moved to not miss the opportunity to meet these two professionals of such renowned prestige.

The course consisted of a series of collective classes to start and end the day. At the beginning, both teachers explained their study routines and how to find us in those days that “does not sound like we want” and the sessions ended with an hour of trombone set, always well taken advantage of thanks to the advice of two members of the Conjunto “International Trombone ” In addition to this, all students enjoyed four individual classes that were squeezed to the maximum, some even transforming them into chamber music classes, such as members of “Ars Quartetae”, trombone quartet of students of the CSM of Murcia.


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“Víctor and Bart are probably the best teachers I’ve ever met and they’ve helped me a lot, it’s a luxury to be able to bring them and make them known, it was more than a surprise when in less than two weeks” The time has come to organize the fifth edition, Bart has been very happy for the invitation and we are already planning his return next year, “says Pedro de Jódar, course organizer and student at the Maastricht Conservatory.

In the links you can listen to Victor and Bart playing together in Concertgebouw (Mahler-Symphony n.3) and in the International Trombone Ensemble (Hiros-Steven Verhelst)

Full vídeo:


The International Trombone Ensemble live from Tokyo with HIROS by Steven Verhelst. Vídeo promo.

The International Trombone Ensemble live from Tokyo with HIROS by Steven Verhelst. Vídeo:


Profile by Pedro Jovar in Innovatrombone:









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