31 July, 2018

If you are a trombonist we invite you to join our community following a few simple steps. Innovatrombone.


If you are a trombonist, get to know and promote yourself from
Innovatrombone. Register and become part of our community by following
a few simple steps.

Step one:

Click here for more information



Innovatrombone Login

Step two:

If you don’t have an account, click on register

Step three:

– Fill in your personal details

– Insert your photo

– Select the type of trombone you use and your specialty.

– Copy-paste links from your social networks and website.

– Insert your CV or write about yourself.

– Insert the links to the videos on youtube that you want.

– Post your advertisements for second-hand instruments and accessories
that you want to sell.

Step four:

Save the changes and become part of the community, welcome! Now go to
the trombone players section and have a look at your profile. You are
already part of a community of trombonists from over 20 countries!





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