10 March, 2020

Blackbinder expands the trombone repertoire.

From Innovatrombone we are very excited to share with all of you a new news related to the BlackBinder digital score reading app.


Just a few months ago we announced that BlackBinder was arriving to the trombonists of Innovatrombone, (link on the news) now the App continues betting on the trombone world launching a campaign in which it expands the digital material composed by all kinds of repertoire.

To go into more detail we have talked again with Sergio Peñalver CEO at BlackBinder.

Sergio Peñalver

Innovatrombone: Hi Sergio, welcome back to Innovatrombone!

Sergio Peñalver: Hi innovatrombone team! Nice to be here again!

Innovatrombone: Tell us, how is everything going on BlackBinder, we see that more and more trombonists are trusting your App.

Sergio Peñalver: That’s right, we are getting many trombonists to start publishing their arrangements and methods with us, and therefore it is being used more and more for education. In the same way, we have launched a product / service: For a price of 9 €/ month, our team converts to our 100% digital format all the scores that the trombonist needs for his day to day, besides offering him a complete support and training in the use of the tool.

Inda Bonet (Spanish Brass)

This is making that, for that price, many musicians want to have a lot of clean and tidy material taking advantage of the new technologies: Transport, share annotation layers with students, share scores and arrangements with other blackbinder users, publish the arrangements in the platform for other users, etc… To request this service, trombonists just have to send an email to copyists@blackbinder.net and ask to be a client of this service. From there, you only have to ask for the scores you need and we will put them in the App for you to use as many times as you want.

Innovatrombone: This week the IPV Trombone Festival is being held in Germany. Your collaborator Fabrice Millischer is the organizer. I know that you are going to take advantage of the event to present the campaign that is the focus of our attention today.

Sergio Peñalver: That’s right. We launched the campaign coinciding with that event. One of our co-founders, Carlos Piñuela, gave a lecture there yesterday, talking about Blackbinder and the advantages it offers to all musicians. The repertoire that we are going to prepare in the crowdfunding has been the prize for the winners of the contest.

Innovatrombone: What exactly does the campaign consist of?

Sergio Peñalver: The campaign consists of finding the collaboration of the trombonists to digitalize in our new pageless format a repertoire of 76 works and 65 orchestra passages. In addition to a new edition of the Arban method for trombone. These new editions will be delivered in Blackbinder format and also in formats like Noteflight or Sibelius. It is a great opportunity for trombonists to get a great material perfectly edited.

Innovatrombone: Which trombonists have collaborated?

Sergio Peñalver: Some of the best trombonists of the international scene have collaborated for the elaboration of the repertoire. The first draft of the repertoire was worked on by Javier Yera, professor at the Conservatorio Superior de Jaén. From there, we have validated the campaign and the repertoire with other trombonists like David Rejano, Fabrice Millischer, Inda Bonet (Spanish Brass), Marcos Forner and Ximo Vicedo. All of them support the campaign besides being Blackbinder users.

Innovatrombone: It’s very interesting this campaign. How can the trombonists that wish to collaborate?

Sergio Peñalver: In a very easy way. Go directly to the Indigogo website and choose one of the rewards. As soon as we reach the amount, we will start making the new editions so that they are available as soon as possible. Plus, if you help us get the word out, we’ll make sure we reach our goal.

Innovatrombone: The Blackbinder App is priced at $9.00 per month for offline use. But I’ve heard that this is going to change. Is this true?

Sergio Peñalver: That’s right. From this month of March the App is going to be completely free for all users in all its modes of use. You won’t need to be connected to the Internet to use it. Simply, those users who want can pass on their scores using our PDF or MusicXML file import tool. And if they don’t want to do this job, they can hire the new service I told you about at the beginning of this interview, so they won’t have to worry about anything!

Innovatrombone: Thank you very much Sergio, we hope the campaign is a success and that you continue to support the trombone world as you have done so far!

Sergio Peñalver: Thank you very much. Innovatrombone is a spectacular site and of great interest to all trombonists, recommended!

Innovatrombone: You know dear trombonists, BlackBinder! Here you have the link to information about the campaign


We said goodbye with a video from Fabrice Millischer, organizer of the IPV Trombone Festival, where the BlackBinder campaign was presented.

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