9 April, 2020

New job offers at Innovatrombone.

From Innovatrombone and in collaboration with Muv.ac we continue to inform trombonists about the different job offers in Orchestras.


From Innovatrombone and in collaboration with Muv.ac we continue to inform trombonists about the different job offers in Orchestras.

On this occasion we talk about: Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia, Duale Orchesterakademie Thüringen, Banda Municipal de Castellón, Berner Symphonieorchester, Theater Kiel AöR, Philharmonisches Orchester Kiel, Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg.

Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia

The orchestra offers a principal trombone position with an indefinite contract. The closing date for registration will be March 13, 2020.


-Concert in one movement by A. Levedev.

-Sarabande from cello suite nº 5 by J.S. Bach.


L.V. Beethoven Symphony No. 9: Molto vivace and andante maestoso
J. Brahms Symphony No. 1
G. Bizet L’Arlésienne: Suite No. 2 (Farandolo Solo)
C. Franck Symphony in D minor (Mov. 3)
C. Nielsen Flute Concerto
O. Respighi The Fountains of Rome
G. Rossini William Tell: Overture
R. Schumann Symphony No. 3 “Rhenish” (Mov.4)
R. Strauss Ein Heldenleben: Battle
R. Wagner The Walkyrie: Minor and Major Ride
R. Wagner The Gold of the RhineJ. Brahms Symphony No. 4
A. Bruckner Symphony No. 4
C. Nielsen Symphony No. 4 (Mov. 1)
O. Respighi Pines of Rome: Catacombs
G. Verdi Nabucco: Overture.

Duale Orchesterakademie Thüringen

The Duale Orchesterakademie Thüringen, together with the Altenburg Gera Theatre and the Jena Philharmonic, is awarding a scholarship for 22 months starting from 01.09.2020 for an academic trombone place.

The scholarship covers a total of about 15 services per month, including musical theatre
performances, rehearsals and concerts. The training is provided by professionals and is complemented by attendance at various training courses, chamber music and audition preparation.


Theater Altenburg-Gera
Theaterplatz 1
07548 Gera (Germany)
Date: 08.08.2020

Banda Municipal de Castellón

Castellón City Council announces a job vacancy to cover a tenor-bass trombone position for the Banda Municipal de Castellón.

Compulsory piece for tenor trombone:

Concertino for trombone and orchestra op. 4. Ferdinand David.
Compulsory piece for bass trombone: – Monologue. Jerôme Naulais.


Tenor trombone:

Polyphemus and Galatea. A. Valero-Castells.

Styx. F. Tamarit Fayos.

Bolero. M. Ravel transc. P. Dupont

Symphony No. 3. G. Mahler.

Symphony No. 3. C. Saint-saëns.

Guillem Tell, overture. G. Rossini transc. d’arxiu.
Bass trombone:

Air vairé sur un thème suisse. J. B. Mohr

Extreme Make-over. J. de Meij.

Symphony No. 9. L. van Beethoven.

Simfonia per a banda. P. Hindemith

Berner Symphonieorchester

The orchestra offers a trombone position with an immediate incorporation internship contract. To be invited to the audition, the applicant must be enrolled at a Swiss university.

The closing date for registration will be 29 March 2020 and the dates for auditions will be from 6 May 2020, at the Bern Conservatory with timetables to be confirmed.

Concertino for trombone and orchestra by Ferdinand David, first and second mov.

Orchestral fragments:
G. Mahler: 3. Symphonie 1. Sat
G. Rossini: Wilhelm Tel
W.A. Mozart: Requiem Tuba Miru

Theater Kiel AöR-Philharmonisches Orchester Kiel.

The orchestra calls for a position for first trombone, with obligation for second trombone and alto trombone.
Indefinite contract of incorporation from 02.01.2021. The closing date for registration for the audition will be 21.04.2020.

Place and date of the audition:
Theater Kiel AöR
Rathausplatz 4
24103 Kiel (Germany)
Date: 26.05.2020 at 10:00h

Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg

The orchestra offers a place for bass trombone academician, with a duration from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2022.
The closing date for registration will be March 31st, 2020. Maximum age on May 6th 2020: 26 years old.

Place and date of the audition:
Hamburgische Staatsoper
Kleine Theaterstraße
20354 Hamburg (Germany)
Date: 6th May 2020 at 14:00h.

Compulsory: Ernst Sachse: Konzert F-Dur
Orchestral fragments:

Brahms: 1. Symphonie

Haydn: Schöpfung

Schumann: 3. Symphonie “Rheinische”

Beethoven: 9. Symphonie

Wagner: Walkürenritt

Wagner: Lohengrin, Vorspiel 3. Akt (hoch und tief)

Strauß: Heldenleben

Rossini: Wilhelm Tell

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