3 March, 2019

The Getzen 4147IB trombone in Sanganxa by Innovatrombone.

The musical instruments shop Sanganxa gives you the opportunity to try out the Getzen 414IB designed and developed by Ian Bousfield under the guidance of Getzen.


The musical instruments shop Sanganxa gives you the opportunity to try out the Getzen 414IB designed and developed by Ian Bousfield under the guidance of Getzen.

Christan Griego (CEO of Edwards and Getzen) and Ian Bousfield met while Ian was on tour in 2012 and discussed the limitations of lan´s trombone configuration at that time.

The first step in trying to fix them was to put a hand slide on the bell of the existing 4047DS model. This made the trombone more receptive. Once the hand slide was adjusted to maintain the pitch, Christan moved it across the support bridge. Using a lighter material and a wider tube for greater comfort. Then, they found that the instrument also had a wider sound. In combination with the rose brass bell, the resulting instrument was full of color, power and a wide sound. Perfect for Ian!

The support bridges to the bell and the transpositor in F eliminate much of the tension of the design. This allows both the bell itself and the transposer to resonate much more freely, thus improving response.


The 4147IB uses the Powerbore rotor pump designed for the 4047DS. The Powerbore pump is an improvement over the traditional rotor design, with improved and adjusted diameters, with inserts and passages in the rotors inside the back plate to alter the weight.



But without doubt, the most revolutionary feature of the trombone is the Harmonic Pillar System. As Ian himself says, this is really a feature that needs to be tested to be believed, but the difference between an open bridge, the hardness and the softness, makes this really remarkable.

When Ian tried the trombone, he realized the possibilities it offered to radically change from a very calm and controlled sound to a totally different, dominant sound, with the last pillar providing a sound between the two.

– Diameter: 547″;.
– Tuning slide Rose brass, single radius.
– Slide: inner tubes in nickel-plated silver. Yellow brass outside the tubes with 3″ wide.
– Bell: 8 ½ ; rose brass without welding;
– “DS” yellow brass Edge Bracing: Asymmetrical reinforcement in the bell section to
achieve greater harmonic resonance.
– Yellow brass in the open tudel designed to compensate and achieve a better
balance in the use of the valve.
– Valve: Open Wrap Getzen PowerBore.
– Mouthpiece: Silver CS5 Greek
– Finish: only light lacquered

The Getzen 4147IB trombone is delivered with an original Getzen Compact Light case and
cleaning and maintenance accessories.


Greek Christan (CEO of Edwards and Getzen) with Ian Bousfield:

Ian Bousfiel:

Born in York, England in 1964, he is one of the most successful and influential trombones of all time.
He began playing trombone in the British band from a very early age and reached a very high level, which had a great influence on his achievements in chamber music and orchestra performance. And he won the British Open National and Yorkshire Champions with the Yorkshire Imperial Band.

After winning the London Symphony Scholarship at the age of fifteen, he was part of the European Communities Youth Orchestra conducted by Claudio Abbado, and began his career in the orchestra. Five years after the service of the Hallé Orchestra, in 1988, Ian at the age of 23 became the main trombone of the London Symphony Orchestra.

In 2000, Ian won the position of principal trombone of the Vienna Philharmonic and the Vienna State Opera until 2012, during which time he faced music almost all day and with great contemporary conductors. After working together, he also began to plan and carry out his musical artistic career.

Ian Bousfield trombone solo Ravel Bolero. Wiener Philharmoniker – Conductor: Gustavo Dudamel

As a soloist, Ian has worked with many orchestras and music bands, including well-known orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Philharmonic, and with Riccardo Muti, Michael Tilson Thomas and Kent. Leading the performances of Kent Nagano, Sir Neville Marriner, Ion Marin and Tadaaki Otaka.The Wind Ensemble includes the US Marine Band and the Tokyo-based Kosei Wind Orchestra. Their recordings are distributed throughout EMI, Chandos, Camerata and Doyen.

Masterclass Ian Bousfiel, play Bolero:

Lan´s recent activities include the New World Symphony, the Bern Symphony, the Sonderborg Symphony and the Norlands Symphony.

In addition to playing, Ian was also involved in the design of musical instruments and mouthpieces, using the Getqin 4147 Ian Bousfield model and the Greek Ian Bousfield mouthpiece series, which were also very successful in the market.

In addition, the trombone book (Unlocking the Trombone Code) was awarded the International Trombone Association 2012 Career Award.

Ian Bousfiel and Yu Tamaki perform Ricardo Mollá concert for two trombones Ricardo Mollá

Don´t miss the opportunity to try the Getzen 4147 Ian Bousfiel trombone, available in Sanganxa.


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