9 September, 2018

This was the Requena Trombone Days 2018 festival. By Innovatrombone.



The IV edition of the Requena Trombone Days festival was recently held in Requena, Valencia, Spain. This year the festival took place during three intense days of work at the headquarters of the Requena Musical Society, organizer of the festival during the 26th, 27th and 28th of July.

On Thursday 26th the Santa Cecilia de Requena Music Society opened its doors to the students of Requena Trombone Days who came from Huesca, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Llíria, Buñol, Venta del Moro, Utiel, Villargordo del Cabriel, San Antonio, Alfafar, Catarroja and Requena. Marcos Forner (director of the festival) welcomed the participants to the event and then introduced the resident professors Ricardo Mollá and Nacho Pérez. This is how Requena Trombone Days 2018 began:

Warm up by Nacho Pérez (bass trombone and contrabass soloist in the Orquesta de la Comunidad Valenciana Palau de les Arts).

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Profile of Nacho Pérez in Innovatrombone:http://www.innovatrombone.com/trombonistas/nacho-perez-cabedo-45

After the warm-up, and as a novelty this year, the students and teachers made an excursion to the old town of Requena, to visit the Castle and the caves of the town.

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At the end of the morning the students attended the talk “Marketing for restless musicians” by Miguel Galdón. Miguel Galdón has been helping artists to develop their marketing strategies and in this talk he brought us a compilation of the best marketing tips for musicians.

Miguel Galdón’s profile in Innovatrombone: http://www.innovatrombone.com/trombonistas/miguel-galdon


The first session of the afternoon began with a Masterclass by Salvador Tarrasó (trombone teacher at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Catarroja and Miraphone artist). Salvador started the Masterclass by playing the solo trombone piece “Joe Jack Binglebandit” by Christian Lindberg, before moving on to the presentation of the new Miraphone trombone developed by him. He finished this activity with a technical group work based on one of the routines used by Salvador Tarrasó in his daily study. This masterclass was sponsored by the Low Brass Store, representative of the Miraphone brand for Spain and Portugal.

Profile of Salvador Tarrasó in Innovatrombone: http://www.innovatrombone.com/trombonistas/salvador-aledOn

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After Salvador Tarrasó’s Masterclass, it was time for the individual classes and the rehearsal of the trombone choir to finish the afternoon.

We started Friday morning with a masterclass by the trombones of the Orquesta de la Comunidad Valenciana: Juan Real, José Vicente Faubel and Nacho Pérez. The Masterclass began with the intervention of the trombone section performing several fragments of repertoire after an explanation of the work developed in the section within the Orchestra. Afterwards, the students were able to see for themselves how this work is carried out, participating in the section.

Juan Real’s profile in Innovatrombone: http://www.innovatrombone.com/trombonistas/juan-manuel-real

José Vicente Faubel’s profile in Innovatrombone: http://www.innovatrombone.com/trombonistas/jose-vicente-faubel-cortell

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After the Masterclass, students and teachers went to the winery Coviñas. Once there, the staff in charge of the wineries took a guided tour, explaining the winemaking process, its storage and its subsequent release to the market. To finish the visit, the winery offered us a wine tasting and a good aperitif, which led to a talk by Ricardo Mollá “Presence in Social Networks and Youtube Overdubbing”, in which Ricardo approached the healthy use of social networks as a useful instrument for our musical career.

Ricardo Mollá’s profile in Innovatrombone: http://www.innovatrombone.com/trombonistas/ricardo-molla

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In the afternoon and after a well-deserved break, the students continued to work with the trombone choir and the individual classes.


On Saturday and the last day of the festival we started the morning with a warm-up by Marcos Forner.

Marcos Forner’s profile in Innovatrombone: http://www.innovatrombone.com/trombonistas/marcos-forner-pla

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Once the warm-up was over, we gave way to a talk on “History and evolution of the trombone” by Veremundo García. The trombone, like the other wind instruments, had its origin in different elements that nature provided to man in pre-history. Thus began this interesting talk in which the students were able to learn about the ancestors of the current trombone and its evolution throughout history.

Veremundo García’s profile in Innovatrombone: http://www.innovatrombone.com/trombonistas/veremundo-garcIa-torres

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In the afternoon, the individual classes and the last general rehearsal of the trombone choir were concluded, with the collaboration of the conductor and composer Julio Domingo.

Profile of Julio Domingo at Innovatrombone: http://www.innovatrombone.com/trombonistas/julio-domingo

The closing ceremony of the Requena Trombone Days 2018 festival began at 6:30 p.m. with the audition of the trombone choir, which performed a chronological musical tour of different styles, with pieces by Brahms, Brukner and J.Williams, among others. At the end of the concert, a draw was held for the students for a 100 euro gift voucher to be used at the music store Sanganxa ,a Stomvi Upsound and three Schagerl trombone mouthpieces.

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Marcos Forner closed the Requena Trombone Days with words of thanks to all the people who had made this event possible and recognizing the great effort made to make this edition a success. First of all the thanks went out to all the students, teachers and parents for trusting in this festival. There was no lack of thanks to the resident teachers and guest teachers who had participated in the festival. Also, and of course, thanks were given to all the sponsors, the Association of Spanish Trombonists, the town council of Requena (culture council) and the board of directors of the Requena Music Society for their great support.

Sponsors: Requena City Council, Santa Cecilia Music Society, Spanish Trombone Players Association, Sanganxa, Schagerl, Stomvi, Miraphone, Coviñas, Low brass Store.




Thank you all very much, see you next year!

2018 edition summary video: https://www.facebook.com/requenatrombonedays/

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