9 September, 2018

The Asociación de Trombonistas Españoles (Association of Spanish Trombonists), ATE, prepares one of the most special meetings. Granada 2018 by Innovatrombone.


The Association of Spanish Trombonists is finishing the preparation of one of the most special meetings it has organized so far.

For the 10th meeting to be held in the city of Granada (Spain) on the 19th, 20th and 21st of October 2018, a festival has been prepared following the format of previous editions, with national and international guest artists, talks, choir performances, masterclasses, concerts, exhibitions and the national contest for interpreters, this time with Celestino Luna, professor at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Granada, as host.

Here we present some of the activities:

Concerts, different masterclasses, conferences, workshops and exhibitions will fill the three days that will occupy the 10th Meeting of the Association of Spanish Trombonists, in which soloists and groups such as Joseph Alessi, George Curran, Spanish Brass, Vincenzo Paratore, Francisco Rosario, Miguel Rivera, Alberto Urretxo, Rogelio Igualada, Javier Yera, Javier Escribano will participate; and the trombone choirs of the Conservatories of Jaén, Granada, Malaga, Córdoba, Salamanca, Zaragoza and Weimar ( Germany), as well as the Third National Trombone Competition with five modalities in which 20 finalists from all over Spain will participate.

Trombone choir of the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Málaga, conducted by Víctor Eloy López Cerezo.

Javier Escribano Redondo will give a lecture and present his book “Passages and trombone solos in the Spanish band repertoire” published by Brotons & Mercadal Edicions Musicals S.L.

Francisco Rosario principal trombone of the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Seville:

Trombone choir of the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Jaén together with a well-known teacher such as Javier Yera Jimenez, collaborator of Innovatrombone:

Vincenzo Paratore, Courtois artist and trombone soloist at “Orchestra del Teatro Massimo V. Bellini de Catania” visits us from Italy:

Trombone Choir of Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Granada with his teacher Celestino Luna:

Miguel Rivera Professor at Conservatory of Music and trombone soloist with the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra:

Javier Yera Professor of Trombone at Conservatorio Superior de Música de Jaén:

Salvador Tarrasó, Miraphone Artist and Professor at Catarroja Professional Conservatory of Music:

Rogelio Igualada, great trombonist and referent in our country, will offer us the lecture titled “Sharing an experience, relocating the musician”.

Trombone Choir of Conservatorio Superior de Música de Córdoba with its teacher and conductor Moises Fernandez Gallego:

One of the most talented young women in our country in the world of jazz, Rita Payés:

George Curran, bass trombone at New York Philharmonic:

III National Contest of Interpreters:

Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone at New York Philharmonic:

Closing concert:

Host of the Festival, Celestino Luna Professor of the Royal Conservatory of Music of Granada:


We can comment that this will be one of the most special meetings as it will renew its current board of directors formed by: Inda Bonet, Carlos Gil, Javier Yera, Felix García, Miguel Galdón, Javier Gonzalo and Miguel José Martínez (Viriato), Guillermo Baez, Miguel Sansiñena, Paco Palasí and Miguel Arbelaiz.

From Innovatrombone we emphasize the great work of the management team of the ATE for all the work done since the founding of the Association of Spanish Trombonists. We value in a very positive way the fact of having created an association to unite our collective. The realization of meetings, the creation of a contest and especially the realization of the ITF (International Trombone Festival) have served to expand the culture of the trombone not only in Spain, but also at an international level.

Poster for Granada 2018:

Place of the meeting:

Calle San Jerónimo, 46, 18001 Granada

Planning of activities:

Download the schedule for Friday, Saturday and Sunday by clicking here:  FRIDAY   SATURDAY   SANDAY.


Due to the great interest that is having the 10th meeting of the ATE, and with the intention of ensuring the success of the event, we communicate that the organization has taken the decision that all members or trombonists who wish to participate in the meeting must make a reservation for their place.

For all those foreign trombonists who do not reside in Spain and all Spanish trombonists who do not wish to be members, the price of the meeting will be 60 €.

For the members of the ATE the encounter will be free, they will only have to be up to date with the payment of all fees (including 2018), prior to the realization of the meeting.

It should be remembered that being a member of the ATE only implies an annual fee of 30 €.

We are sure that the Association of Spanish Trombonists will not cease to surprise us during the next few days with the presentation of new artists and activities. From Innovatrombone we will keep you informed.

We attach a video souvenir about the ITF 2015, one of the most important events that has taken place in our country, held in Valencia, Spain.

ITF 2015 Spain:

To finish, we would like to inform you that Innovatrombone will be present at the Granada 2018 meeting, where it will present our project and its next novelties.

Dear Trombonists, see you in Granada!


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