22 September, 2019

Play the music you always dreamed of with your brass instrument by Javier Martos Carretero.

Javier Martos tells us about his experience when building this document that has become a bestseller.


Recently our collaborator Javier Martos Carretero presented his latest project: Play the music you always dreamed of with your brass instrument, under the slogan “the power of the brass wind”.

A book that tells us about his experiences and where he shows us real problems he had during his career, either as a teacher or as a student, and how they were finally solved.



At the end of each story he offers an easy exercise to solve each problem. In the last chapter, once assimilated the exercises of the previous chapters, Javier proposes 6 steps to follow to solve or improve any musical phrase with a brass instrument.  The book is written using tools of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Neuroeducation applied to the pedagogy for Metal Wind musicians.

In its launch has been “Best Seller” in the categories of Art, Music and Wind Metal and No. 1 worldwide in the category of “Brass instruments”.

Javier Martos Carretero is a Valencian musician, who a few years ago decided to leave for Argentina, where he is currently working as a soloist in the “Banda Sinfónica de la Provincia de Córdoba”. Trombone Professor at the “Universidad Provincial de Córdoba” and Director of the “Escuela Hispanoamericana de Música Antigua”.


Born in Valencia in 1974. He is a graduate Professor of Music in the specialties of Tuba and Trombone in the CSMC (Castellón), winning the “Prize of Honor” end of career in both specialties. In 2001, the Federation of Musical Societies of the Valencian Community awarded him the ” Premio Euterpe de la Música”. He has continued studies in the speciality of Sackbut and Trumpet of Minstrels in the ESMUC (Barcelona) and in the “Aula de Música Antiga” of the CMG (Girona).

Since 2010 he is a founding member and arranger of the flamenco and tango group “ReUnión” (Spain). In 2011 he creates the ensemble “Ministriles de la Reyna” (Canada). He is required for concerts and recordings by prestigious ensembles from Spain and Latin America.

For 27 years he has been a member of professional symphonic bands and orchestras, as well as the faculty of conservatories and universities in Spain, Canada and Argentina. At present, he is the euphonium soloist of the “Banda Sinfónica de la Provincia de Córdoba” and Trombone Professor at the “Universidad Provincial de Córdoba” (Argentina).

As a teacher, he completed the “Master in Teaching for Musicians” at the “Universitat de les Illes Balears” UIB and obtained the certificate endorsed by the European School Training for Trainers and the University of Vidroop as “Master On Line” for Metal Wind Musicians. He is Professor of the Chair of Trombone at the University of the Province of Córdoba (Argentina) and gives courses on instrumental pedagogy applied to brass instruments, workshops and master classes, as well as lectures at conservatories and universities in Spain and Latin America.

Javier is the President of the “Sociedad Musicológica Ministriles de la Reyna”, Director of the “Escuela Hispanoamericana de Música Antigua” and Artistic Director of the “Escuela Internacional de Ministriles”.

Photo: Martín Bustos Photographer

At Innovatrombone we were lucky enough to chat with Javier to find out more about his life and his latest project “Play the music you always dreamed of with your brass instrument”.

Innovatrombone: Hi Javier, how are you?

Javier Martos: Hi, very good. A great joy to chat with you again. It’s been months, if I remember correctly, since the last International School of Ministriles.

Innovatrombombone: Tell us: how does a Spaniard arrive from Benimaclet (Spain) to Córdoba (Argentina)?

Javier Martos: I met my wife Luciana when she was doing her Postdoctoral degree at the University of Valencia. She is Argentine and works for the CONICET (National Council for Scientific and Technical Research) at the National University of Córdoba. After some time in Valencia, we went to Ottawa (Canada) and finally to Argentina.

Innovatrombone: Could you tell us what Javier Martos’ day-to-day life is like?

Javier Martos: Well, nothing extraordinary. In the morning I’m going to rehearse at the Teatro del Libertador San Martín and then at the swimming pool. In the afternoon I will alternate rehearsals of “Ministriles de la Reyna” with my hand vihuela duo and sackbut “Opera Curiosa”, trombone lessons at the University and I prepare the Low Brass section of the “Teatro del Libertador Academic Orchestra”. As I tell you, the usual in our work as musicians.

Theater of Libertador San Martín

Innovatrombone: We know about your specialization in Early Music, in fact we have much to thank you for your contribution to our website with your articles on the sackbut with the articles  SACABUCHE. “El que quiera escuchar, que escuche” – SACABUCHE. “El que quiera escuchar, que escuche” II.

Do you have in mind any more articles for Innovatrombone?

Javier Martos: First of all, I want to thank you for your great contribution in spreading the historical trombone in InnovaTrombone. And with respect to your question, of course. I have an article in the inkwell about articulation and language in the sackbut right now I’m up to my ears. Soon you will have news about it.

Photo: Martín Bustos Photographer


Innovatrombone: You have recently published the book “Play the music you always dreamed of with your brass instrument”. We would love to hear what your experience has been and how you are living it.

(In the following video Javier Martos, author of the book: “Play the music you always dreamed of with your brass instrument”, tells us about the experience lived at the time of creating this document that has become a best seller in the categories of Art, Music and Metal Wind and No. 1 worldwide in the category of “Brass instruments”.

Javier Martos:


Innovatrombone: Thank you very much Javier, it has been a pleasure to talk to you and from Innovatrombone we wish you good luck with your new projects, we hope to see you here soon.

Javier Martos: It is also a pleasure to collaborate with InnovaTrombone. Thank you very much for counting on me, either as a specialist in historical trombone/sackbut, as a teacher or on this occasion to tell you about my book. A big hug! .

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