23 November, 2018

Trombonist Alberto Urretxo presents: Soinuaren Bidaia II | The journey of sound by Innovatrombone.


His first album, Soinuaren Bidaia, was conceived in 2015 as a meeting point between different artistic disciplines and sound, seeking a different resonance and intention in each piece. A project, which was born from the hand of trombonist Alberto Urretxo, an idea that has developed over time and now “it is time” to give continuity to its second part.

Alberto Urretxo, trombone soloist of the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra (BOS). Founder and promoter of Euskadi Brass.

After graduating with the Honor Prize from the San Sebastian Superior Conservatory and with the Gold Medal at the Côte Basque Music Conservatory in Bayonne (France) with Professor J.J.Orzan, he perfected his studies with Francisco J. Rosario Vega and with prestigious trombonists in the USA. As a soloist he offers several recitals and concerts throughout the state, highlighting the Darius Milhaud Winter Concertino, and the Concerts for Trombone and Orchestra by L. Grondhal under the direction of Juanjo Mena and H.Tomasi under the direction of Chi-Yong Chung with the BOS.

In November 2015 he presented SOINUAREN BIDAIA (The Journey of Sound), a CD in which through emotions he offers a different vision of listening to music.  In the development of the CD he has created MAGIC SOUNDS about Basque legends with the writer Toti Martínez de Lezea. With Soinuaren Bidaia has premiered in more than 30 concerts throughout the state new compositions by authors such as G.Loidi, H.Extremiana , J.C.Pérez , X.Zabala, E,Moreno and J.Urrutia . In February 2017, together with Spanish Brass, he premiered Las cuatro estaciones by Javier Martínez Campos for trombone and brass quintet.

He has been professor of Orchestra Repertoire and Chamber Music at the Euskadi Superior Conservatory (Musikene) and of trombone at the schools of Leioa and Arrasate Musikal. Periodically he is invited to give courses of trombone and chamber music, highlighting those held in South Korea in 2013 and 2016, invited by the University of Suwon with his brother Unai, and in 2014 within the Daegu international festival, invited by ¨Asia trombone festival¨, where he has offered master classes and recitals with pianist Miyang Kim.




Soinuaren Bidaia II

The presentation of Soinuaren Bidaia’s second CD will take place on the 3rd of November in the dome of the Campos Elíseos Theatre in Bilbao at 19.30h, after a press conference on the 30th of October in the campos Theatre.

For this occasion, the Soinuaren project has collaborators such as: the writer Toti Martínez de Lezea, the Spanish Brass Quintet, the txistulari Garikoitz Mandizabal, the violinists Catalin Bucataru and Iñigo Grimal, the violist Adriana Grigoras, the cellist Javier Martínez Campos, the soprano Jone Martinez and the pianist Itxaso Sainz de la Maza.


Soinuaren Bidaia II|The journey of sound.

About Soinuaren Bidaia II.

The journey proposed by Alberto Urretxo in Soinuaren Bidaia continues through music, a tool he uses to lead us through his memories and experiences; through his failures and successes, but above all thanks to an inexhaustible search process: we do not come across a search for triumph, for conquest, but rather the search itself, which is what allows us to find a whole amalgam of vital experiences. The straight line is never the way and Soinuaren Bidaia II is nothing more than the sum of the different stages of that way.

The Irish legend says that at the end of the rainbow is the cauldron full of gold coins and perhaps at the end of this Soinuaren bidaia the same thing will also happen, but the important thing will never be to find it, but the adventures that will arise on the road, a winding road full of peaks and valleys but a road: transit, after all.

Accompanied by musicians of enormous value and maintaining as in the previous record his flight from perfection to show us the purity of the real sound, the sound of concert, begins this second part of his journey leaning on a Mahler without words. The trombone assumes the sound of the words, words that are absent but always present in the warmth of the interpretation. Teared memories, sounds of the countryside, of nature… Love and sadness are perhaps the only company, but life goes on and everything is fine again, the memory accompanies us and strengthens us.

And this memory is not only inhabited by love or sadness, but also by our roots. Roots that resonate in this Mondragon dragon drawn by Eduardo Moreno in a version for txistu, trombone and string quartet. In it we delight in the sound of the melodic txistu, an instrument that in the hands of Garikoitz Mendizabal emerges melancholic and evocative of those roots that bind us to the earth and that allow us to grow without forgetting the basics: our origin.

But here the need for change arises, a forced change when we discover that the path we have taken does not lead us anywhere. Now, this change of direction is always born from doubt, from the sadness of the momentary failure or from its simple embodiment. And, as happens with all restlessness, in Alberto hope is immediately born and from it again fear and from this fear anger… Here we have all these ingredients thanks to the creations of Bartok, Stephenson, Extremiana and Polentzi. The beginning of the change that Bartok shows us, the hope of having taken the right decision in the notes created by Jim Stephenson, in memory of that trumpet player who told a story in every note he played; the overcoming of the past in the notes created by Hilario Extremiana with his look towards a world already overcome, but that conditions us forever; and, finally, the anger portrayed in Polentzi’s Sonata for viola and piano. All this is the sum of feelings that have arisen under the protection of a change of direction, of a change of orientation and of embarking on a new path.

And after these doubts we arrive at the last stage. In it Alberto reaffirms himself in the direction taken. It is the doubts that have given him the strength to continue dreaming, to continue walking. And it is this new path that arrives full of beauty, a beauty that is shown to us in the work created by Javier Martínez Campos for Alberto himself and the immense sound of Spanish Brass. A tribute to the eternal author of the four seasons from a non-descriptive personal language in a colourful and virtuous work.

For the moment, the road ends with Vieuxtemps’ Capriccio for viola. Just as he has shown us anger before, it is this same viola that now, alone, opens his heart to us and naked his dreams.

Now the dragon is asleep, let the maiden sing.

Pablo Suso


Soinuaren Bidaia II – Making-of 2.

Soinuaren Bidaia II – New Cd.

Soinuaren Bidaia II – New Cd (vídeo 3)

Soinuaren Bidaia II (4/4).

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