15 February, 2018

Academic and professional guidance in musical education.


Academic and professional guidance in musical teaching: a peremptory need.

Music conservatories do not have an orientation department, or at least a specialist  playing that role. Much less in authorized centers or music schools. Meanwhile, pupils studying regulated music studies in these centers -especially those who are in the last stage of professional education or higher education- are finding more often than it would be convenient the problem of having to decide on their future without having a clear idea of what is awaiting them. On the other hand, the context has changed radically. These days society, and the new labor markets that arise from it, demand new professional profiles. This reality is even more evident in the music world: beyond the traditional jobs as interpreter, composer or conductor, nowadays new professional profiles are required that are not contemplated in the formative offer of the conservatories. Why, if this is so, we remain determined to guide the training of our future musicians along the same lines as always? Why do we not look for alternatives to the new labor challenges of the 21st century among all the agents involved in music education?

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These pictures are related to the lecture called “Academic and professional guidance in musical education”, which was given by our co-developer for innovatrombone Rafael Polanco on February 7, 2018 at the Professional Conservatory of Music in Teulada (Alicante). If you are interested to carry out this activity in your conservatory or music school, you can request information by contacting Rafael Polanco at: rafapol62@gmail.com


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