30 March, 2018

Mercedes Forner, new collaborator for innovatrombone.


Graduated in journalism by Ceu-San Pablo University, the career of Mercedes Forner revolves around the social and investigative journalism on television. After having been the image of Mediaset in programs such as “Callejeros”, “Callejeros Viajeros” or “Policía Internacional”, this 33-year-old girl took the leap to public television with “Fronteras al límite”. The documentary series “Héroes Invisibles” that TVE2 (Spanish Public TV channel 2) broadcasts is one of its most ambitious projects in journalistic terms and currently plays its role as a reporter, under the direction of Paco Lobatón, in “Desaparecidos” (TVE1).

He joins Innovatrombone with the concern of continue traveling around the world but, this time, through music. “Thanks to my profession I have known countries with serious social problems. Every time I come back from one of those destinations I do the same reflection: education is the basis of the development of the world. It is a great satisfaction to contribute my grain of sand in Innovatrombone and contribute to spread enriching knowledge for the readers of the web “.

The contribution of Mercedes will consist of conducting interviews with trombonists around the world as well as collaborate in the drafting of some current news that we echo in the portal. “The interview is one of my favorite journalistic genres because it allows me to meet interesting people, gain knowledge and transmit both to the audience. The media have great power in society, we are the showcase and the voice of those who do not have a microphone at their fingertips and it is our responsibility to make it arrive to them and make good use of information. In this case, I am especially pleased to work with content related to the world of music because I consider it necessary to give visibility to a sector that contributes enormously to our history but does not have the presence that it should. In fact, one of the aspects that I like most about my job is to perform disclosure. I join Innovatrombone with the objective that its contents arrive in an interesting, attractive and comprehensible way to a general public “.




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