28 July, 2019

New auditions for trombone in Göttinger Symphonie Orchester.

The orchestra announces a position for principal trombone.

From Innovatrombone and in collaboration with Muv.ac we continue to inform trombonists about the different job offers in Orchestras. This time we talk about Göttinger Symphonie Orchester.

The Göttinger Symphonie Orchestra has more than 150 years of history, being one of the most traditional orchestras that exist in Germany, offering over 100 concerts a year for which more than 90,000 spectators pass through. Outstanding conductors and soloists of international renown have passed through this formation since its foundation in 1862.

On this occasion, the orchestra convenes a principal trombone position with alto trombone obligation, offering a temporary contract.

The audition will take place on 17-09-2019 at 14:00 in the German city of  Göttingen.


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