19 April, 2018



From Innovatrombone we present this interesting activity, a new
edition of the Madrid Bass Trombone Weekend.

In the second edition of the Madrid Bass Trombone Weekend, you will
enjoy 3 warm ups, 3 individual lessons, bass trombone ensemble work
and informative talk.

We will make the most of the time to make this weekend of working,
meeting and enjoying the bass trombone as productive as possible for

The Warm Ups and individual lessons will be conducted by Francisco
Guillén, bass trombone of the ONE, Miguel José Martínez (Viriato),
bass trombone of the ORCAM, Stéphane Loyer, bass trombone of the
ORTVE. We will also have the presence of Carlos Rubio, bass trombone
of the Orquesta Sinfónica Municipal de Caracas, who will make us
discover and work on his own arrangements for bass trombone ensembles
as well as give us a talk about his experience as a student of the
Venezuelan System of children’s and youth orchestras and choirs known
as “El Sistema”.



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