29 December, 2017

Javier Martos specialist in sackbut


From www.innovatrombone.com we want to introduce our new collaborator.

Javier has specialized in sackbut at the ESMUC in Barcelona and in the “Aula de Música Antiga” at the CMG in Girona. He has a long career in the world of the historic trombone, usually performing in concerts and recordings with specialized groups in Renaissance and Baroque music. In his role as pedagogue, he teaches in courses, workshops and master classes in conservatories and universities in Spain and South America. He is director of the ensemble “Ministriles de la Reyna” (Minstrel of the Reyna), president of the “Sociedad Musicológica Ministriles de la Reyna” (Music Society of Minstrels of the Reyna), as well as producer and artistic director of the “Escuela Internacional de Ministriles” (International School of Minstrels).



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