14 June, 2018

Concert for alto trombone by Johann Georg Albrechtsberger. Soloist: Javier Yera


Javier Yera, trombone teacher at the Conservatorio Superior de Música
de Jaén and collaborator for Innovatrombone shows us a didactic and
pedagogical work on the concert for alto trombone by Johann Georg
Albrechtsberger, composed in 1769 and performed with the play
alone/minus one system of the Chamber Orchestra of the Hungarian
National Philharmonic Orchestra.
The texts belong to a research work carried out by Master Yera on the
Christian Family of Vienna.


Conservatorio Superior de Música de Jaén:
Do you want to study trombone with us?
These and other pieces from the repertoire are the ones you can study
here at the CSM Jaén (http://www.csmjaen.es/es), as well as working on
the different techniques and skills with the trombone. Upcoming tests
to access to the higher studies of trombone.


You can also apply for the ERASMUS programme to come here to study
with us. http://www.csmjaen.es/es/node/461



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