27 May, 2018

Oniria sacabuche in the Ensembles section.


classical music video”; candidates for the awards of the asociación
Española de Grupos de Música Antigua (Spanish Association of Ancient
Music Groups) – GEMA in several editions in the categories of Best
Renaissance Group, Best Producer-Manager (Caroline Astwood), and Best
Director and Researcher (Daniel Anarte), and selected in the final
phase of the V International Early Music Competition of Gijón, ONIRIA
is a group of historical music that has participated in some of the
most recognized cycles specialized in early music in the scene:
Seville FeMÀS, Festivals of ancient music of Soto del Real, Cycle of
music of the three cultures of Cordoba, Festival of sacred art of
Madrid, Festival of early music of Malaga, Cycle of sacred music of
Avila, Festival of ancient music “Mare Musicum” of Roquetas de Mar
(Almeria), Festival of sacred music of Getafe, institutional acts of
the VI centenary of the takeover of the city of Antequera, Cycle of
music of the foundation Unicaja in Cadiz, International Festival of
Ancient Music of Gijón, Cycle of sacred music of Ronda, in the
Cathedral of Sigüenza and the Church of Santa María of Brihuega within
the program of the Foundation “Siglo Futuro” of Guadalajara, in the
cycle of sacred music “Maestro de la Roza” of Oviedo, in the acts of
the IV centenary of the death of Alonso Lobo in Osuna, or in the
International Trombone Festival – ITF, in the museum Pío V of Valencia
among others with great success of public and critic.

In 2011 ONIRIA releases its first CD “Trébol Musical de Cuatro Hojas”
(RMS 0032) dedicated to the music for ensembles with sacabuche
contained in the musical treatises of the composer Georg Daniel Speer
(1636-1707) unpublished to date. Produced by ONIRIA director Daniel
Anarte, the CD was presented at the Echegaray Theatre in Malaga in
2011 and distributed by “Discmedi Bleu”

He has collaborated with the historicist vocal groups “Los Afectos
Diversos”, conducted by Nacho Rodríguez and the “Ensemble Alonso
Lobo”, conducted by Israel Moreno.

ONIRIA belongs to the Asociación de Grupos Españoles de Música Antigua
– GEMA (Association of Spanish Ancient Music Groups), and has appeared
in different media: in the programmes “La dársena” and “Festivales de
Verano” of Radio Nacional 2 (Radio Clásica), in the COPE channel, in
Radio Universidad de Chile, in the newspapers “La Voz de Almería”,
“Diario de Ávila”, “ABC”, “La Opinión de Málaga”, “El País”, “Diario
Sur”, “El Diario de Sevilla”, and in specialised media such as the
magazine “Scherzo” and the online magazine “Música Antigua”, where
specialised critics have highlighted the “coherence of a perfect
programme”, the “stylistic knowledge and technical solvency”, the
“rhythmic initiative, delicacy and variety in articulation”, the “the
way of making instruments almost speak” (Juan Ramón Lara, Diario de
Sevilla). He pointed out that “Oniria’s work was also perfect” and
that “they are already among the best, without the smallest
discussion” (Eduardo Torrico, Scherzo magazine).


During these days the Ensemble Oniria is performing concerts and
masterclasses in Lugo and Oviedo, together with the vocal group “Los
afectos diversos” under the direction of Nacho Rodríguez, with the
following programme:

Conductor Dani Anarte:


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