14 May, 2018

Employment in Vlaanderen (Belgium)

Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen

Empleo: Bass Trombone Framework Contract
Ciudad: Gent (Bélgica)
Tiempo: 04-06-2018
Round 1: Concerto:
→ E. Sachse. Concerto in F major ( first movement)Orchestra excerpts:
→ G. Rossini: William Tell, Ouverture
→ R. Schumann. Symphony 3Round 2: Concerto:
→ E. Sachse. Concerto in F major ( second movement)Orchestra excerpts:
→ J. Haydn. Die Schöpfung
→ G. Rossini. La gazza ladra, Ouverture
→ W.A. Mozart. Requiem, Kyrie
→ Z. Kodaly. Hary Janos-suite
→ L. Bernstein, West Side Story
→ S. Prokofiev, Romeo and Juliet

Round 3: Orchestral excerpts with trombone section:
→ J. Brahms. Symphony 1
→ J. Brahms. Symphony 4

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