25 May, 2018

New auditions at the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.


Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra announces new auditions for trombone 2nd, 3rd and 4th, with low trombone obligation.

Compulsory works

F. David: “Concertino” I and II movement (Edition Zimmermann)
Orchestral repertoire

Tenor trombone:
-W. A. Mozart: “Requiem” – Tuba mirum (from “Orchester Probespiel” book, Edition Peters)
Bass trombone:
-R. Schumann: Symphony Nr. 3 (from “Orchester Probespiel” book, Edition Peters)
-OR. Respighi: Fontane di Roma Nr. 11-14

In case you miss the opportunity to request the audition in Munich or did not apply because you can not attend a live filming session organized by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra in Munich, you can send a video recording.

After the filmed materials are reviewed, live auditions will be held in Doha in early September.

Recordings will only be accepted with the following conditions:
– The recording must be of professional quality and carried out in a single session
– The content must be exactly according to the requirements and establish the list of excerpts from the orchestra. Keep in mind that failure to comply with the requirements may result in disqualification.
– While recording, make sure nothing obstructs you or your instrument.
– Candidates are recommended to verify the quality of their recording before sending it. Special attention must be paid to the quality of the audio.
– Record engineer or witness to confirm in writing that the recording is not edited and is a true and honest representation of the candidates who play.
– Orchestral excerpts to record in a free order of your choice and in a continuous shot
– Each piece of repertoire only required should be interpreted as a complete piece with piano accompaniment
– You can replay a section of the required material in the same shot, if you are not satisfied: however, the original attempt should remain recorded
– Your recording should be uploaded to muv.ac before the closing date
– Make sure you also complete and send the recorded Hearing Statement

It is in the best interest of the applicant to provide a video recording with superior sound recording qualities.

The melodies of the Qatar Philharmonic to A443

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